Young Men's Camp

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Young Men’s Camp

A Surprise Opportunity Mission Trip to Russia!
June 6-15, 2019.

We had planned to do an English for Orphans camp in June, as we did last year. However, we added a Young Men’s Camp when an unexpected number of volunteers signed up to go! Our Russian staff has been asking for a Young Men’s Camp, so we saw this as an opportunity to fulfill that need by adding that camp to our English Camp. 
Four of the men on our team will work with this camp. 

We had budgeted for the English Camp, but the Young Men’s Camp was not in the original plan! King Street United Brethren Church has given us $2,000 toward this camp, which will go a long way toward feeding and housing our guys, for which we are very grateful. We need to raise at least another $1,500 to provide programing for the 15 young men (aged 16-22) we will have at the camp.
Your help in meeting this need would be greatly appreciated!

                 To model and teach godly manhood 
         to young male Russian orphanage graduates.

Russian orphanage males are not exposed to positive male role models in their orphanages, as almost all orphanage workers are female. They have never experienced family life, so have no idea what it means to be a man of integrity, a spiritual leader, a faithful husband, or a loving father. A work ethic has not been modeled for them, so they tend to either not be able to hold a job, or are tempted to what seems like easy money through theft or drug dealing. Therefore, a high percentage end up homeless or in prison. Suicide is not uncommon among them.

Our Camp’s theme is “Becoming a Real Man.” Our topics will include:

            A Real Man and his Strength! (Using the biblical model of Sampson)
            A Real Man and his Choices
            A Real Man and his Relationships
            A Real Man and his Work
            A Real Man and Respect for Women
            A Real Man and Sexuality
            A Real Man and his Life Message

Please consider giving toward this Young Men’s Camp

Our time is short (we leave June 6) and every gift, large or small, will be appreciated!
We want to make this an enjoyable, enriching, and spiritually life changing experience for these young men! Your support  can be part of that. 

Make your check out to Orphan’s Tree and send it to:

Pastor John Smith
272 Cresthaven Drive
Fayetteville, PA 17222

This is a tax deductible gift and you will receive a receipt. 

Thank you for considering this!

Pastor John Smith