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Things Your Missions Team Can Do

No matter what skills or interests you have on your Missions Team, and no matter how large or small that Team may be, the Holy Spirit will find a way to use your Team in ministry to older Russian orphans! 

On a recent trip to Russia, we asked our Russian leaders to tell us what they most needed American teams to do. Here are the Top Ten requests they shared with us.

Your Team may chose one of these, or do a combination of several of them on any one trip.
Click on the underlined title of any of the 10 projects to be taken to a page with detailed information. 

1. Ministry Center Work Project

We have three Ministry Centers in buildings located in Kostroma, Ivanovo, and Vladimir. These are “safe havens” and training centers for orphan grads. Each of them needs some physical love and care! If you have basic building skills on your team, you can help!

2. Dacha Work Project 

We have two Dachas, where orphan grads can experience the fresh air of the countryside, learning both gardening and life skills. If you’ve never been to a Russian Dacha, a marvelous experience awaits your team!

3. Transition Seminar

The hardest day in the life of an orphan may be the day they leave the orphanage and face life “on their own.” Most leave small town orphanages to attend a “technical school” in a large city. Your team can help them make that a successful transition. This is a vital and exciting ministry opportunity. 

4. Life Skills Training

There are things we all learned from our parents in our homes. But what if you were raised without parents, and without a family home? Orphan graduates need to learn the basic life skills required to live independent lives and form healthy families. Your team can share their experiences in just living life! 

5. Work Skills Training

Orphan grads tend to make poor employees, and have difficulty both finding and keeping jobs. They just haven’t learned the basic work skills and work ethic that a family often teaches. Your team can help them adjust to the work place by sharing your own experiences and insights.

6. Sewing and Seamstress Skills

Do you have team members with sewing and mending skills? We have sewing rooms and sewing machines, but there is often a lack the basic skills needed to teach orphan grads how to sew and care for their belongings. Your team can help mend garments… and lives.

7. Camping Trip 

We have tents! We have sleeping bags! We work in a forested area with many great camping sites! And Russians love to camp! If you have campers on your team, you could lead a camping experience that would build relationships, confidence, and faith!

8. Community Aid Project 

Orphan graduates are used to being cared for. They need to learn the importance of caring for others. Your team can work with orphan grads in a community project that will teach them the value of serving, and increase the reputation our Ministry Centers within their community, resulting in more community support. 

9. Technical School Camp

Many orphan grads go from the orphanage to a two year Technical School to learn a life trade, where they often lag behind their non-orphan class mates because they have not had the advantages of family or faith. This is great way for your team to make a positive difference in the lives of many orphan grads at once!

10. Adopt a Young Family 

Orphans often produce more orphans, because they don’t know the basic skills of homemaking and parenting. Would your team consider “adopting” a young family, spending time with them, helping them make some basic home improvements, and mentor them in family living?