August 2019 Russia Trip

Dates: August 24 - September 2, 2019

Purpose: To work with orphans just out of the orphanage to prepare them for independent living.

Team Leader: Pastor Paula Koch

Last Years Orientation Camp - 16 Orphanges Graduates, Russian and American Staff

What is an Orientation Camp?

Orientation Camp is a week-long event hosted by Orphan’s Tree for orphans who have aged out of their small-town orphanages and are moving to a big-city technical school. This is a high-risk time for these 16-18-year-old orphans who are unprepared to move from institutional living to independent living. We call it a Camp because the orphanage graduates move into our Ministry Center for this event. During this time there are field trips to get to know the city, shopping excursions, and shared cooking and meals. We teach them how to use public transportation and basic life skills. Most importantly, they are building relationships with our staff members, sharing their fears and receiving guidance. The young people come in as frightened, uncertain teenagers. By the end of the Orientation Camp, they know where to find safe, trustworthy people who care about them.

DO YOU HAVE THE NEEDED SKILLS? In short, yes, you do! The basic life skills…
you use every day are what these orphans need to learn! They need direction with basic life skills like making and living on a budget, the importance of personal hygiene and healthy eating, basic cooking skills, avoidance of substance abuse (alcohol,drugs, tobacco), making friendships with positive people, and developing responsible work habits (being on time, doing good work, listening to the boss). These teenagers have not gained these basic life skills in their orphanage. You can give guidance and examples on one or more of the above skills. 

Each orphanage graduate will receive a back pack filled with basic essentials for independent living - cooking utensils (pot and pan, spatula, etc.), table settings, electric kettle, personal hygene items, first air kit, warm blanket, and a starter supply of basic groceries. Each back pack filled with supplies will cost about $200. 


We fly out on August 24 and return to the states on September 2, 2019.

If you have any questions or need more information contact either Pastor John Smith at  
or Pastor Paula Koch at or via phone 330-705-5233.


Pastor Paula Koch

Note: Each of the 16 backpacks we will distribute has about $200 of supplies. Would you be willing to help?
Contributions should be made to:
Orphan’s Tree
PO Box 62904
Colorado Springs, CO 80962 

Please put Ivanovo Orientation Camp on the memo line.