Steps to a Mission Team Trip

In a Very Broad Overview
The Steps to a Mission Team Trip

(It takes at least six months to properly prepare for a missions trip)

1. Pray to clarify the call.
       It is a call! You don’t as much decide to go on a mission trip as respond to God’s call to go!
Ask God: Should I go? Where should I go? When should I go?

2. Talk to others about going. Jesus didn’t send His disciples out alone, but two-by-two!
    If God is calling you to go, one confirmation is that others will be called to go with you!

    What if one or two others from your church are willing to go, but not enough for a full team? (An ideal team
    has at least 4 or 5 persons). We may be able to combine you with a team from another church.

3. Consider possibilities of what your team can do. The place to start is the page on this web site titled:
                                     “The Top Ten Things Your Mission Team Can Do.” 

4. Contact Orphan’s Tree to talk about the possibilities! We are here to help!
719-359-8449 or email Cindy Tupper at
         You should be doing this at least six months before the anticipated trip dates.

5. Gather your Team! We will work with you to prepare the team for your trip.
   You can see some of the resources we use by clicking here.  

   All going who don’t have passports need to apply immediately. 

6. Recruit a Prayer Team of people from your church, family, and friends. Provide them with a list of specific
    things to be praying for as you are preparing for your trip.
    When your itinerary is finalized, give them a copy so they can pray over your team daily as you travel.

7. Nail down the specifics. When are you going? What region(s) will you be in? What will you be doing? 
    What resources do you need to gather? 

8. Coordinate your trip step by step with Cindy in the Orphan’s Tree Office. 
      She will help you finalize costs - clarify passport issues - obtain visas 
      Note: All team members should carefully read the Orphan’s Tree Travel Guidelines 

9. Have regular team meetings to pray and make plans. 

Then go! Be a blessing, and be blessed!