Why I Go to Russia

Dialogue from The Russia House (movie):
Barley answering the question: “Why do you go to Russia so often?”
My answer would be very similar!

I love the place. It draws me.
It's such a shambles!
They try so hard, from so far back...
Poor buggers. They just want to be like us!
They have this huge heart and... huge ignorance*.
And they always keep their word.

But you've got to be there.
You're taking a leak in some filthy public urinal,
and the man in the next stall leans across 
and asks you about God, or Kafka,
or freedom versus responsibility.

So you tell him. Because you know. 
Because you're from the West.
And you think, "What a great country."
That's why I love them. And they're very fond of me.

*Note: When Barley talks about the hugh ignorance of the Russians, he is speaking in 1989. Russians had been shielded from the truth of world events behind an iron curtain which had only recently been opened, and were ignorant of what was really happening outside of Russia. But no more. 
The Russians I work today with are among the most intelligent, best educated, and most insightful people I know! And they still have that huge heart!